3-4 monitors on this budget

So ive been contemplating starting Amateur Photography and Video Editing, along with some MMORPG, and RPG gaming.
Currently I have a
XFX 7770 Black Edition-
Ivy Bridge i5 3570k -
MSI H61-P31 -
Corsair Vengance 8gb (2*4gb) -
Thermaltake 750M -
Cougar Solutions Black -
and a 160gb, 320gb HDD and an EVO 212 cooler.

I wanted to change the Motherboard, GPU, Add RAM, an SSD, and 3-4 Monitors and Possibly change the case, along with getting more wires for the GPU because during my move i lost the box, and all of the wires that are not currently being used in the system.
Thus I came up with this - - $640 with no monitors or cables that i may need
I wanted to Keep the budget under $1k USD
I would like to have at least 1 monitor with really good color reproduction and those kinds of things, and i would also like a monitor thats okay for gaming, and a 3rd monitor to help when doing video editing
So when editing Far Left Monitor would display Edting software and programs/files used while editing, Middle monitor would display output image or Video, and far Right monitor would have other miscellaneous tasks such as, web browers, hardware/system monitors, etc.
While Gaming I Guess it would be a "eye finity" kind of setup with the Middle monitor serving as the main display and the other 2 being the "peripheral vision" displays.
I dont really play FPS, mainly MMO, MMORPG, RPG, and games like Civ 5

Thanks for Any help, i will be researching this as i go along, i really dont plan on buying anything till around august, but i think its better to research for 3 months then to just buying something on the spur of the moment and then not be pleased, becuase i could have researched before hand.

Edit: Also If 16gb of ram is uneeded, i really dont need it then, i assume that it will help but if it wont help then there is no reason to spend almost $100 on it. Or if the help is marginal and would better go to another item on the list (gpu, hdd, ssd, or monitors) then i think the $100 would be better spent there. I would also preferr 1080 monitors for all three, if something has to get cut down for the monitors to work thats fine, i would just like the games to still be within the 60-70 area when gaming at 1-3 screens.

Edit 2: The Item listed at the top are the things i bought when i first build the computer. Last year, so those are items i have had for roughly 1 year now, or so...
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    h61 is a bad board for a 3570k
  2. Cons29 said:
    h61 is a bad board for a 3570k

    Yes, i realize that, thats why im choosing to replace it. When i bought the board i was strapped for cash, and I was at a tigerdirect, the store only had 2 boards available at the time that one, and a Asus ROG variant of some board, so i chose the H61 and a 7770, both of which are not really bad. The motherboard gives me no issues what so ever. The GPU is not a problem is, but trying to OC gpu but i just dont have the time for testing and such.
  3. i really don't oc my gpu (only did it once years ago), they are hot enough as it is, cpu's are different as they can tolerate more. i just buy factory oc'ed but ones, that is just me
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