trying to build a computer with an old hard drive but having problems

I have just put my new pc togther without reformatting my hardrive its a 250gb with windows 7 already installed along side a 1tb for otherstuff. The reason i havnt replaced this is due to having reformatted it within the last month and no luck so decided to buy new parts. I have a i7 4770k, 8gb kingston (2x 4GB) ram, g1 sniper z87 motherboard, geforce 660ti and a new case. The power pack i am using is a cs750m corsair.

So what is happening is it loads up gets to the bios screen fine if pressing f12, but once going pass this it flashes the '_' a few times then restarts. The computer has been installed correctly as i have personaly done this a few times for freinds but never with an old hard drive. Once entering the bios i can find the specs of everything installed including the Hard drives and dvd drive. It even says apon entering the sata setting thats its there. I dont personaly know too much about bios settings as i have never wanted to mess around with it. The graphics card has already been installed on the hard drive as this was used in my old build. but the motherboard hasnt but if it isnt alowing me to access my hard drive i cant install this. I tried unplugging every thing and replugging everything but no luck. I also tried taking the dvd drive and the spare hard drive out but same thing happends. I can see it being a part problem as everything was bough new and not opened before. Can anyone help? I called one of my freinds and he adviced that i tried deleting previous boot settings in my hard drive but how would i comence doing this or if anyone has a different trick to try i am happy to give it a go. Thanks for the help
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    put in the windows DVD. wipe the windows partition. Reinstall windows.

    If this was an OEM windows license you are required to buy a new license. the old one is tied to the old motherboard
  2. It won't boot because it still has the drivers for the old motherboard and old devices. Do as unksol advises.
  3. perfect thanks for the reply seems like this is the only option. I didnt want to do this but as this is the only option i will take your advice thanks for the quick replies
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