Clean install for alienware 14

Ive noticed my laptop is getting slower, and programs are starting to... "Break up" and not work correctly although Im not not sure if I have to do a clean install and weather it will affect the performance, as it boots up in 1 minute and my old vaio boots up faster. also lags from time to time

And one more question: will my clean install revert my laptop to how it looks before, (log in screen picture, wallpaper, applications) because it is an alienware disc.
Spec: Alienware 14
i7 4800mq
16gb ram
GTX 765M
Full HD Screen.
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    Yes, a restore to factory defaults will set the laptop like it was when new. If you have any data on it you need to back it up first.
    If you are having issues with that system being slow, it's probably due to spyware, viruses or having a ton of un-needed programs running on it. An i7 system with 16gig of RAM should be very fast in anything.
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