Wipe windows vista from laptop?

Hello, how would I best wipe my laptops HDD clean so I can install another OS? Is this safe?

I have a Dell E5500 Latitude.

Iv seen a guide were it is done throw F8 on start up.
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  1. best bet would be just to install over the other OS. It might not be best idea to just wiple the HDD clean. When you install an OS over another one on the HHD the HDD will be automaticaly wiped
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    When you boot from the new OS install disk, that will provide the option to format the disk before installing the new OS. If this a new version of Windows, do you have the activation key? Don't lose that. Also, make sure any information you don't want to lose is backed up somewhere before you format it.

    TO boot the install disk, boot with the disk in the drive and press F12 at bootup.
  3. Thank you guys, I think I understand what to do.
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