Dual Display Problems (HD 7790)

So i have two monitors hooked up to my HD 7790.
One using a DVI cable and the other using VGA..
It works fine and both monitors come up with an extended display.
The problem is, randomly the screens just go black and it looks like the vcard overheats and shuts itself to avoid damage. (But that's just me, not really sure if thats what really happens)

Any other inputs as to why this happens? And any programs that I could run to check the integrity of my video card? Thank you in advance!

Here's my set up:

AMD a8 5600k black edition
Radeon HD 7790
Running W7.
PSU of 520w (True Rated)

Oh and on a side note, i've tried running the other (the vga monitor) and connected it with the onboard gpu of the a8 processor but it just does not work, i'm guessing crossfire isn't working cause the 7790 is incompatible with the processor?
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    Sounds like driver issues, I'd download the latest catalyst off of, delete the old drivers and reinstall the new ones.
  2. You would need to enable the onboard graphics in the BIOS if a GPU is installed. Try this after installing the latest drivers. If you're running the second monitor for anything other than gamin, the integrated graphics will be plenty, though plugging both into the GPU is generally the way to go.
  3. So just download the latest amd catalyst drivers huh? Alright, i'll give that a shot. And yes, i just use the other monitor to extend the displays (not really for gaming). So its not really a heating issue? Would you guys recommend programs to check my video cards integrity?
  4. You can run something like futuremark and really stress test it.
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