Gigabyte GeForce GT 630 Compatibility

So basically, my friend bought this gpu for his budget gaming build and it was all working properly until we went to install the drivers. When I opened up the program to install them, the follow up screen loaded, and then told me that "files are missing" and wouldn't continue.
Afterward, I went to the GeForce experience to use that for driver installation. It loaded and was then follow by "Graphics is not supported." I don't know the exact message, but that's pretty close. If the gpu isn't supported, would it be powered on and running inside his computer with the fan spinning?
I'll link both the mobo and gpu, and if someone could see if they're actually compatible that'd be awesome.


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    The board should take your card fine. What windows version are you installing to?
  2. Verindae said:
    The board should take your card fine. What windows version are you installing to?

    Windows 7 64-bit ultimate (6.1, Build 7600)
  3. Build doesn't matter if it's retail, as long as you're using 64bit drivers there shouldn't really be a problem. Try pulling the 64bit Windows 7 driver without the experience and install that, but first make sure any and all nvidia driver software is uninstalled, best doing that from safe mode. Also I would advise disabling the on board radeon in the bios and uninstalling any related drivers for that too.
  4. Okay someone else said something pretty similar so I might try disabling the on board radeon drivers. Where in the bios would it be?
  5. Varies from board to board and vendor to vendor. You're lookin for somethin labelled on board video/graphics or IGP, should be fairly easy to spot if you pay attention. Could also be listed as initial display first with options such as IGP(on board), PCI-E or Auto. Really depends on your BIOS though.
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