Vertical motherboard with Noctua CPU cooler / aftermarket GPU?

I've got my motherboard, which is quite well made, (MSI Z87-GD65) screwed onto my case vertically, it seems pretty sturdy. I've got my CPU cooler (bulky Noctua one) and I was just wondering if it would damage / bend my board over time as it's quite bulky and hanging off the side with no extra support. Same with my graphics card which is an MSI gtx 770. Should I add some extra support to help hold up the Cooler / GPU or is the motherboard designed to be able to withstand this?
Any info / suggestions would be appreciated.
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    Hi Tommy4711

    The board is more than able to handle the weight of a large heatsink like the Noctua thx in large part to the back plate you mounted when you installed it. That plate distributes the weight over a much larger surface area and so much more of the board is actually bearing the weight than meets the eye.
  2. Hi again

    Sorry I had to turn my attention to other things for a bit and didn't answer your concern about the GPU. Some of them sag... a bit, but unless it's dramatic I wouldn't be concerned. Where you will want to give both weight issues your attention is if you plan to throw your rig in the back of a car regularly or even ship it with a carrier, then yes certain precaution would be wise.

    Finally if you are concerned about GPU sag there are after market backplates available but you'll have to do the search and find on whether there's one for your model specifically.

  3. Hi Pibee,
    I think it might be sagging a little bit, i'm not sure, from the way it looks it might just be how the card is supposed to sit in the slot.
    No I do not plan on taking it for car rides or or otherwise, it is always stationary in the corner of my room, my main concern was the hot temperatures during gaming accompanied by the weight of the GPU / CPU heatsink would contort and bend the slot or the card, but from what I've read it seems that most motherboards are built to withstand this.
    Thank you for the help, I might try tying a piece of string around the GPU and attaching it to the top of the case as a precaution.
    If you have any other information for me I'd greatly appreciate it. :)
  4. Just ensure your case has good ventilation and access to cooler air than what it's exhausting. Regularly check and clear any dust buildup on fans, vents and dust traps and your rig will serve you well.
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