nVidia gtx 750 ti performance while recording

I am planning to record gameplay of several high end games like watch dogs and especially upcoming games like FIFA 15 and assassins Creed unity, my question is what FPS I can get on medium to high settings on a gtx 750 ti 2 GB of edition , 28-30 fps should be the bare minimum, what settings I will have to use?my rest build goes like this-
AMD fx 8320 @ stock
Gigabyte GA-970A-DS3P
Adata XPG 8 GB @ 1866 MHZ
WD blue 500 gb
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  1. If you use Shadow Play I would definitely say so :)
  2. one question first - how many drives (ssd or hdd) do you have?
    well, if you plan on recording on the same drive your system and games are, then you will be up for a nasty surprise...
  3. Random surprise , didn't think about that....hmmm...what if I use a pen drive to store recordings?what performance will I get?
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    depends on the writing speed - fast usb3 drive recommended. if you plan on using fraps, the usual data rates for 60 fps 1080p videos are 350-400MB/s /half for 30fps/, so make sure your drive can keep up with it, or record at lower resolution.

    as for performance - you will be losing some frames, that is sure, but how many depends on the program you're using and the drive you're recording to. many people use fraps. I also heard dxtory is better, but dunno really, haven't tried :D
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