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Which SSD would you buy? Samsung 840 EVO 250GB vs Samsung 840 Series Pro 128GB

Hi Guys

On a budget of £100.00 to purchase a SSD. I've rounded it off two SSD,s

Samsung 840 EVO 250GB - £92.99
Samsung 840 Series Pro 128GB - £77.95

Would you sacrifice 122gb which you get with the evo for the pro which is supposed to be a more quicker and reliable SSD.
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  1. in the real world... there will be little to no difference in performance.

    in theory the pro should last longer, but it's only in theory. we're talking 10 years vs 7 years?

    I'd say before either dies, we're going to be buying 5tb SSDs for $100, so who really cares. lol

    i'd take the evo 250gb

    many reivews comparing the evo to the pro can be found online
  2. EVO all the way :D
    Depends on what you'll use it for. If you NEED the extra space like I do (I put my OS and main games/software on it) then get the Evo, or save money and get the Pro.
  3. WOW the Crucial MX100 256GB is only £73.00. In terms of real world improvements are most SSD's the same in performance?. Are the more enthusiast SSD like the vertex and samsung 840 Pro more for benchmarking and numbers?
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    In a real performance world, you only see that difference among all the SSD in the market if you use the SSD to copy files all days from one ssd to another or if you use a lot of programs like Abode Suites and those stuffs.
  5. So I guess for a gaming rig it should not matter?
  6. Pixel03 said:
    So I guess for a gaming rig it should not matter?

    No, the only difference that you see in games is when you change from a normal HHD to SSD, among SSDs the difference is almost null.
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