Why do intel CPU's beat amd CPU's?

Seems like amd has more cores and a higher clock speed but in benchmarks quad core intel CPU's only clocked at around 3 ghz can beat them no problem. why is this?
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  1. intel cpus have stronger cores than AMD ones.
  2. it's all about the architecture design in the cores
  3. also amd tried to win the speed war with intel but does not have the engineering support or years intel has on making cpu.
    the other issue is amd tries to make to many cpu. (fx/apu). intel cpus i7-i3 and lower are mostly a server cpu that cut down for retail.
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    Intel can do more per tick.
    AMD can do 2-3 things per tick, Intel can do 4-5 per tick. multiply that with frequency and you'll see...

    and AMD and Intel have different approach to how power should be distributed
    AMD uses modules (two glued cores make a module - imagine they work like a three legged race - slower but can do more with 4 arms) and Intel uses single cores (like a runner which can run more than double the distance given the same amount of time).
  5. AMD does a better job at multi-tasking.

    especially the 8 cores. they are great for having many programs open without have any hiccups.
  6. 1. Intel cores are more efficient per clock. Perhaps 30% more.
    2. Few games can make use of more than 2-3 cores, making 6 & 8 core cpu's not very useful.
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