Windows 7 Hangs and HDD Light Solid Red

My problem is that Windows 7 hangs, nothing works or does anything except I can move my mouse. It does this sometimes just after I log on or at a random time when I'm using my computer. I know it is Windows 7 and not my computer because I have Linux installed on another SSD on the same computer.

My computer specs are:
CPU: AMD-FX 8120 8-Core 3.1Ghz
GPU: Club3D Radeon R9 270x
Motherboard: Asus M5A97 R2.0
Windows 7 SSD is 128GB
Linux SSD is 64GB
700W power supply
ASUS Xonar DG Sound Card
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  1. Maybe the hard drive is going south on you. Have a look at the system logs in the event viewer
  2. download/install Acronis Drive monitor see the hdd status.
  3. I checked my systems logs in the event viewer and about the time when the crash occurred the Service Control Manager had a lot of errors as well as some errors for the PNRPSvc. Acronis drive monitor says that my hard drive is overheating at 212F, but when i feel my hard drive, its perfectly cool. It also says the one just below it, with linux, is fine with its temperature.
  4. Do you see any ntfs or disk errors? Try doing a chkdsk. Right click on drive go to properties tools error checking.
  5. I cant do a disk check because its my windows drive and i cant do it while its in use. No ntfs or drive errors
  6. it should schedule a check on reboot.
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