Will 2 diffrent rams work on my motherboard Asus M5A97 R2.0 ?

I want to purchase 6 gb ram so i selected a 4gb and 2 gb ram but i dont know if its compatible with my motherboard
the 4 gb(ddr3) ram is of transcend
and the 2 gb(ddr3) ram of Kingston
will both of them work on my mobo?
4gb ram : Specifications
2gb ram :
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    First of, don't go with 6 GB, either four (which is a bit low, depending on what you want to do) or 8 GB, not 6. Additionally, do not mix two different ram sticks. Also, use 1600mhz instead of the 1333 one, I'd be very surprised if there would be any noticeable difference in price and even if, it would be worth spending a few more dollars.
  2. A lot will depend on your CPU, but would look to a 2x4GB set, mixing DRAM can be problematic, always best to get a single package of the full amount you want/need..
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