What type of frame rate do you get with the 870m and BF4?

Hey guys. Just got my new Sager gaming laptop that I will be taking to college. It has a i7 4810 and an 870m with 8gb of ram. I'm able to run battlefield on ultra anywhere from 35-50 fps on some maps and on the ones with more building/vehicles/explosions right around 25-35 fps. Temps look great. CPU stays temps are pretty low in the 40's/50's at max and the gpu hasn't gone above 70 which is good. Is the frame rate that I'm getting pretty much expected? Just want to make sure there aren't any issues with this laptop while its still in warranty.
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  1. What is the laptop screen's resolution?
  2. My bad forgot to mention that. 1080
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    Thanks chugot9218!

    You're talking multiplayer framerates since you're talking maps. Check out this review which shows single player framerates:,3800-5.html

    Multiplayer are always going to be a little lower, but it looks like you're right around where you should be with that card. Switch to 'High' settings and you'll gain a few fps. You'll also be surprised to see there's not a huge difference between Ultra and High.
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