Gigabyte gtx760 2gb or asus gtx670 directcu ii 4gb

I am looking forward to buy gigabyte gtx760 2gb but a friend of mine is pricing his second hand asus gtx670 directcu ii 4gb crazy cheap to me. Well i was thinking that in a couple of years buying another gtx760 and do sli and keep going for awhile. And i am kinda unsure about gtx 600 series over 700. Also not sure if 4gb is much of a difference at least in my case. I mean anywhere i looked at the web ppl were like 4gb is unnecessary for gaming but what do i know. So your suggestions are welcome but i'd love to have quick response since he isn't gonna wait more than a day i think.
My system is
Mobo: asus gryphon z87
Cpu: i5 4670k
Ram: corsair 4gbX2 1600mhz
Ssd: sandisk extreme 120gb
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    The GTX 670 is slightly faster, but you can make that up by overclocking the GTX 760.

    Your right about the Vram, it wont make too much difference as the lone GTX 670 wont be able to use all that anyway.

    There is a reason why your friend had the 4GB version though, It is suggested to get 4GB versions of cards if they intend to SLI. As the high performance, coupled with graphically intense or heavily modded games where you crank up the settings, will use more Vram. Plus it gives you a little future proofing for potential intensive titles, seeing as the SLI setup itself is intended to extend performance life before upgrading again.

    But of course if your the type of gamer that doesn't push the sliders to the max, you can save a little money with the 2GB versions. But if the 4GB versions aren't much more though, it's tempting.
  2. This answer was very helpful in many ways. I am thinking about sli in a few years to keep up with the games without changing my components. So it is good to know 4gb is a better choice for sli in the future. Also good to know the slight differences between them as a single card. It is very cheap and i will go for it. Thank you for your help friend.
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