Help for upgrading???

so my build right now is
CPU: fx 8320
GPU's: GTX 660 two way SLI
Hard driver: one 1TB 7200RPM
SSD (for games because I installed windows on the HDD)
OS: windows 8.1
Cooler: CM hyper EVO 212
Case: CM 912 plus
Ram: 8 ram with cl11 and (2133MHz I know stupid idea for no reason and less performance than cheaper ram because of the CL11 run at only 1600mhz)
PSU: XFX 750 pro black edition full modular

right so I get £40 a month and I have a lot of upgrades in mind... but just today I thought "wow I could just sell my MOBO and CPU for £200 and buy a Intel Core i7-4770K and Asus Maximus VI Hero ATX LGA1150 MOBO for £360!!! witch would only come to £160!!!" is this even possible or am I dreaming??? please tell me if I am making a big f****** mistake or is this a really good deal??? any ideas??? I do a lot of hard core gaming and all ways wont the best out of the games experience and I really F***** hate lag!!! I play rome 2 and skyrim and arma 2 OA

1. Would I need to buy a new OS
2. Does it even work like that or am I going to fry stuff up???
3. anything else!!!

ask any questions please feel free!!!

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  1. Without a question, the Core i7 is a better performer. However, that 8320 is very popular with the budget gamers and video editors. It could sell very, very highly. But the FX 8320 is still a great CPU. If I were upgrading, I would either get an extra 1TB storage for stuff like backing up documents or a better cooler. But really, if you're a hardcore gamer, just don't bother with the i7. Find the Asus Z97-K and a Core i5 4690K. Both perform the same, but the i7 is really made for editing. It's your choice.
  2. Whats you budget?
  3. Best answer
    Sure you can change your Motherboard and CPU. You couldn't change the motherboard without the CPU or vise versa, all of your other components would work fine, and you would be moving to a huge upgrade! I have the Maximus VII Hero and had the VI Hero before it. They are fantastic boards. As long as you know what your doing, and know how to take everything out and put it back in the new board you should be fine.

    1.) You should be able to keep your current OS, you just may have to call Microsoft.
    2.) It does work like that, as long as you change the CPU to match the socket type of the motherboard and have compatible RAM you are fine. Just make sure you ground yourself with a static bracelet.
  4. okay cool... well my budget is around £600 max! I will have that money on November! what I am asking for is something that all handle extreme mods in numbers and scrip's for skyrim and making Rome total war 2 run more smoother!!! I would like to move to Intel because of there really good with cooling and power usage! so what's the best move for HARD CORE GAMING!!! and an awesome looking rig??? thanks for replying by the way!
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