windows easy transfer to transfer from windows xp pro 32 bit to windows 7/8 pro 64 bit?

Will windows easy transfer work to transfer files (docs, pics, music) from windows xp pro 32 bit to a new computer running windows 7/8 pro 64 bit using a usb transfer cable?
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  1. Thanks. I was just curious because I seen other posts saying that windows easy transfer will not work for 32 bit to 64 bit migration of files (I know settings & apps probably can't be transferred) but I just want to make sure all the office docs/pics/music will be transferred over successfully. Others said they just got an error message. I will be trying it tomorrow but just wanted a heads up to any problems I may encounter.
  2. Np, let us know how it works :)

    Edit: was it something like this you read?
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    Windows Easy Transfer Wizard can be used to transfer from XP to Vista, Win 7, and Win 8.0, but NOT Win 8.1. Windows XP transfer support was dropped from Windows 8.1 for some unknown reason. Transfers can be made from 32-bit to 64-bit but not the opposite direction.

    The tool migrates user profiles & data, as well as program settings (settings only, not the apps themselves).

    LapLink provides a free version of their transfer software for those that need XP to 8.1 capability.
  4. jaraldo: Yea i think that was what i had read so it had me confused, but thank you and ex_bubblehead for clearing that up for me. Now I feel confident that all should go over smoothly tomorrow! ;) :ange:
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