Just started computer up for first time, haven't instered OS disk yet for operating system... But CASE fans are NOT working!

Please help. It took me a lot of time to get my motherboard working inside my case but I finally did. the only thing left is the case fans :(
I unscrewed a lot of the scews holding my motherboard to my computer case and put my grahpics card and screwed it in and now it all works! I connected it to HDMI display and it says please insert boot disk drive so it's ready for a windows installation! :)

BUT my fans inside of my case (not the CPU fan or the power fan) but the ones connected to the actaul case do NOT work. They don't turn on via the fan controller on my case and they DO NOT light up or SPIN. This will be big problem in later use probably yeah? How do I get the case fans to work?

If anyone can help me with this, then I'll be good to go!
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    You shouldn't have had to unscrew the MB screws to install the card. Something is wrong there.

    But the fan controller needs the Molex connector from it connected to any Molex from the PSU. And unless they are already connected, the small fan connectors from the fan controller need to be plugged into the case fans.
  2. Thanks a lot for your help man.

    I'll try connecting my molex cable from the PSU to the motherboard? I don't get how that would start the case fans but I'm not the best with this shit.And The motherboard still has 3 screws holding it in. I just had to take the ones off at the bottom where the PPANEL and power/reset swtich where. The motherboard itself was still pretty snug and even more so after I put the graphics can on it and screwed it in.

    I'll try it with the molex cable from the PSU to the motherboard. IDK what that did so I didnt plug it in
  3. Fixed my fans! Thanks dude <3
  4. Actually, I meant connect the PSU Molex to the fan controller Molex. Not the PSU Molex to the MB Molex. That is for extra PCIe power*
    See the video at the bottom of this page for the Molex I'm talking about to run the fan controller:
    (About the 4:57 mark)

    *The Molex connector on the MB is extra power for when you use 3 gfx cards. Otherwise, it doesn't need to be fed. I'm not sure what the theory behind that is anyway. Gfx cards get their extra power from the 6/8 pin PCIe power cables.

    The MB should have all its screws installed and snug to ground the board to the chassis. What is the issue with putting all the screws in?
  5. It doesn't start when the screws are in. Not with the screwdriver trick or by pressing the button. But I got the motherboard to work with the button by taking the screws out. (or 3 screws and left the rest in that is...)

    If you could help me now. I started up my computer but it will not connect to the internet. I moved the router to my room and plugged the ethernet cable in the MB bu no connections show up :(
  6. If I were you, I would remove the MB and check to be sure you didn't add a standoff that shouldn't be there. If an extra one is under the board, it will short out/ground out the solder traces and cause problems. Or worse, fry the MB. You have a serious problem if screwing all the screws in stops the PC from starting.

    As to the Internet connection, do you have the LAN driver installed?

    But don't go any farther until you find out what is wrong with your MB mtg issue.
  7. I've had no problems yet it's been a day or so since I've been using my new built comp. If you think it's serious I could open my computer back up but I don't want to risk it not starting again which is why I haven't done anything like that yet

    Keep in mind though only three screws are unscrewed. The motherboard is still held in by four other screws to my case and through the GPU that is screwed into the case.

    Let me know if you can
  8. It's not that you NEED more crews to support and ground the board, it's just that it's an indication there is something wrong. Something is holding the board from laying flat and allow the card to install properly. And worse, if screwing all screws in snug kills the board, it is a bad sign. It's your choice what to do. You already know my choice if it were mine.
  9. Yeah I understand and I appreciate your input dude. What risks am I facing by not opening my computer back up and screwing the last three thumb screws or checking for the standoff (i think that's what you said would case it?). The only reason I'm not doing is it because I have my computer running really smooth now, it's everything I ever wanted for a PC got a few games on it that I ordered it boots in like 10 seconds flat and it's just really great now and I would hate to mess it up by taking things apart just to screw in the 3 screws when everything is working now and in place.

    But if there is a big risk of something please tell me and I'll open it back up again and take a look.
  10. I don't know what the risk is w/o knowing the cause. If it is a poorly fitting MB/case/card assembly, leaving it like that will be of little risk. If it is because something is behind the MB and pressing against the delicate solder traces, it may wear itself through eventually and you'll still be back to a non-functioning PC.

    If you want to open the case and take some pics of the situation, maybe it will make sense. Right now I'm just guessing from your description. Usually when parts don't fit well, it is almost always 'user error'.
  11. If I took some pictures you would look at them? I'd really appreciate that if you could. What would you want the pictures of just as close as I can get to the motherboard and the back of the case?

    please tell me and I'll post them. thanks
  12. nzae said:
    If I took some pictures you would look at them? I'd really appreciate that if you could. What would you want the pictures of just as close as I can get to the motherboard and the back of the case?

    please tell me and I'll post them. thanks

    Try to get a clear pic of the area that is having problems with fit. Take as many as you think are needed to explain the situation. Inside, outside, front, back... wherever the issue is that is keeping you from tightening the MB mtg screws.
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