Is there a Displayport (female)to expresscard adapter, if not how do you make one

So I'm a laptop person right now I have a pretty good laptop for the price and I love screen but lately in games the m7820(hd 5870m) begun to get weak and the cpu (i5-520m) doesn't make it any better (which is the botttleneck) . I would upgrade it but I already don't have a good battery life, and getting a first gen I7 now is prettty stupid when they the same price of a modern i7 thats 2x faster. So I'm looking into egpu setups thinking about getting a new laptop with already a modern i7 and 1200p or higher res laptop (I know they don't make 1920x1200p nomore) but 3k & 4k laptop screens coming. But hdmi to expresscard adapter max res is 1920x1080p and not taking full potential of the laptop screen res. so what newer or other way of getting external gpu to send 1200p or higher to internal lcd
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    An adapter is not an egpu. No one makes egpus besides those utilizing desktop cards and in case you do want an egpu, it's cheaper to get a new laptop. There is no other way to increase gaming performance.
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