Dual channel kit and a single stick of ddr 3

I just ordered 16gb 2x8gb dual channel sticks of memory and i already have a 4gb single channel stick in my mobo. well adding the 16gb dc kit to the 4gb sc effect anything.
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  1. They may not play nice and the computer won't boot or it'll work just fine. It's a crapshoot.

    You're better off just using the 16GB and removing the 4GB stick.
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    The 4GB will run in single channel mode and may cause the 2 x 8GB to drop to single channel. Try it and see. But If I were you, I'd forget about it. Mixing timings may become an issue.
  3. Agree here, either buy another 4 gig stick so you have matched memory in both banks, enabling dual channel mode, or just leave the 4 gig stick out. 16gig is more memory than most people will ever need anyway.
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