I need a way around my lack of audio outs.

I have a Samsung 32" LED TV with two HDMI inputs and I was recently given an excellent 5.1 channel surround sound receiver. I unfortunately have no way to hook this receiver up to my TV or other electronics due to my television's lack of audio outputs. I know what I'm doing, too, and there's no 1/8" out, RCA out, optical out, or ARC on the HDMI channel. Does anyone know where I could solder in a speaker wire on the board in my tv to make a makeshift audio out? Any help/suggestions are greatly appreciated!
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  1. you don't need an audio out if you have an "excellent 5.1 channel surround receiver" - just use the receiver as the switcher and plug all devices via HDMI if possible into it, and then only one HDMI out to the TV

    what receiver is it? make/model?

    PS3 - HDMI to RCVR
    PS3 - Toslink to RCVR
    Apple TV - HDMI to RCVR
    Apple TV - 3.5mm to RCVR


    also be sure to turn down the volume on the TV to zero
  2. @Dingo - your proposal would work if OP has a TV box. It will not work if TV is getting its signal from antenae.
    @pieterhuysken - in order to answer that, someone will need to know your exact TV. I would rather ask this question in Samsung user forum.
  3. if you have a receiver i agree that it would be better to point all sources into the receiver.

    if you currently use your own televisions tuner you could always buy an external tuner box and plug that as an input into the receiver.

    that is far preferable than trying to solder anything onto the tv which could result in destroying it.
  4. While I agree that your solution seems the most viable Dingo, this RCVR has only one HDMI out, nd RCA audio in, and a digital optical audio in. It was intended for use with a TV equipped with an ARC on at least one HDMI channel or a TV with some sort of audio out, which I have discovered has caused much grief among other owners of the Samsung UN32EH4002FXZA. Alabalcho, I suppose I should better find a Samsung forum to ask this question on. Ssdx, I am a certified sound engineer as well as a very experienced in building a range of things from computers to speakers from scratch, I therefore have no fear in soldering foreign items into my TV, so long as I know where and where not to solder. Thank you all for quick responses!
    Sidenote: The two HDMI inputs that I am using are my Xbox and the box provided for me by Charter for my cable service.
  5. Now I'm confused... you only have two devices that use HDMI, both can be plugged into the receiver INPUTs, and the OUT of the RCVR goes to the TV INPUT 1
    why can't that be done? are you using the TV as a speaker and want to keep doing that? I don't get it...
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    You can solder a speaker to line level adapter like this
    directly to the speaker terminals of the TV. You can disconnect the internal speakers or install a switch to give you the option of using them or not. If the receiver only has optical input however you will need an ADC like this
    It sound like your receiver was actually part of a home theater in a box rather than a stand alone unit.
  7. Dingo, there NO inputs other than the ones I mentioned (RCA and digital optical). Americanaudiophile, you're correct about the home theater thing. I asked the friend that gave to me this morning how he had had it hooked up and he said that it was from a complete system he bought a few months ago and he blew the speakers very quickly... he's not very intelligent. I'll give those websites a look and see what I can figure out and then I'll let you know!
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