Windows 7 First Installation Loop Problem.

Ok so I just finished building my brand new pc and converted the windows 7 iso onto a bootable usb. When I plugged it in, everything star. I pick my primary partition to put windows on and start the install. It all goes well, copies windows files, expanding window files, etc... and when it's done with that part, it reboots but restarts the whole process, and when that's done, it restarts and on and on. I formatted the hard drive partition each time and tried that multiple times but nothing works. I also tried removing one of my two sticks of ram and unplugging my graphics card, which did help a little, as in when the installing windows thing was done, it went totthe next screen showing that the computer will restart instead of just rebooting right away, but when it restarts, it just starts the whole loop over again. Thanks for any help.
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    At the restart after the install enter the BIOS and reset the BIOS setting to boot from the drive on which you installed and save the new setting on exit of bios. It will boot again but should boot from the drive this time.

    As long as you keep booting from the installation bootable usb it will continue running the installation process.
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