Need help about uninstalling gpu drivers.

So I'm new to computers and have never uninstalled gpu drivers. So I wanted to delete the new drivers I downloaded and use the old ones because I think the new ones might be causing problems. So I was wondering if something will happen to my computer or GPU card if I don't have any drivers installed. Also will any other files be deleted or corrupted due to deleting the drivers?

Graphics Card: XFX Radeon R9 280x
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    You can uninstall the drivers nothing will be affected though your resolution will be smaller and a bit glitch after uninstalling the graphics drivers.
  2. OK once I install the drivers again should it go back to normal? I've also seen people use programs like CCleaner I was wondering if I did need that to be safe and if so where would I download it?
  3. Yes it would go back after the installation of the drivers and a restart. Not sure why you need CCleaner for this yet you don't need it.
  4. OK I was just wondering because I saw people recommending it and I wanted to know if it was needed. Thanks for all the help.
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