Should I buy 2x R9 270x CrossFire for $360 or 1 GTX 770 for $340 ?


I've been considering CF'ing 2 AMD cards for a while , given the fact that benchmarks show that 2 r9 270x get the same, if not better FPS than the GTX 780 on most benchmarks.

Yes, I know people freak out whenever they hear the word ''CrossFire'', but seriously, isn't it worth the performance gain? This setup will get about 15 to 20 more fps on most games than the GTX 770 could ever possibly get.

Are the problems really THAT bad with CrossFire?

Would it even still be better to get 1 GTX 770 instead?
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  1. Well part of the problem with xfire is not every game will support it so you will only have 1 gpu effectively in those cases. Also they will use more power and heat if that concerns you. Finally there can be issues with performance not being as fluid with xfire.

    Almost everybody will suggest the best single gpu you can afford unless you already own one of the lower level omes
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