I have a radeon r9 290 graphics card and i hooked it up do i have to use the dvi or hdmi it has or could i stick to my motherb

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  1. You need to plug the display into the GPU.
  2. Ok i tried this but my monitor just says no screen
  3. Do you have both PCIe power connectors plugged in?
  4. I had them plugged in i had a 6+2 pin and a 6 connected but when i turned my pc on it beeped 6 times which i looked up what that meant and that meant and it was the graphics card so i took the 2 pin out of the 6+2 so in the 8 pin was a six pin and it worked fine
  5. But
    I didnt see it anywhere in device manager
  6. Posted in another thread (please don't create duplicates for related topics):
    My graphics cards fans are spinning just fine and and looks like its working and when i plugged in the pins for it i put a six pin in the pin slot and i put another six pin in the eight pin slot is this safe to do and another question if it is after i did that i used the motherboards outputs so should i not use that or will my graphics card be work the same as if i put a dvi in the graphics card output

    You need both the 6 pin and the 8 pin, or the card will not fully power on.

    If you have the display connected to the motherboard, it will use the iGPU for rendering, and won't be using your nice fast GPU.

    Stuff in the POST problems sticky may be useful:
  7. If i use a 6+2 its the same as an 8 right and if so i tried that and got 6 beeps
  8. Could i trie a 6 to 8 pin converter
  9. 6+2 should be the same as 8.

    Try the stuff in that link.
  10. I think i have the issue when i plug the 2 pin in with the 6 it doesnt look like its clicked in it looked kinda curved and loosed could that be the problem and if so should i go get 6+2 to 8
  11. There should be no physical difference between the 6+2 and the 8-pin. You need to connect the plugs together before they go in the socket.
  12. Wait together so the 6 cant go in first then the 2
  13. Yup. They have to be pushed together before they go in.
  14. I didnt think that mattered that probably y i got the error is that what you think someone somewhere
  15. Best answer
    Yup, sounds like the power leads weren't properly plugged in, which would cause it to complain.
  16. So if i do that the beeps should go away
  17. I would imagine so. Can't know until you try it.
  18. Ok so i try it and it still does 6 beeps
  19. Damn.

    Can you try going through the stuff I linked further up?
  20. I did but it really didnt help me much
  21. There could be a legacy support disabled but idk how to do that on an hp computer
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