What is the difference between card readers?

As I was looking for a card reader, I've figured out that there are 3.5 card readers and 5.25 card readers, but what's the difference between them?
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  1. That format (3.5" or 5.25" ) don't matter, you want to pay attention on the connector, is it USB2.0 or USB3.0? because usb3.0 is faster than the USB2.0, but you may pay more $$ for it. Here is one review ( old one)
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    disregarding the specs (just sticking with your question), the difference would be where the card reader would be installed (or where it would fit)

    3.5 is the floppy disk slot, the 5.25 is the optical drive slot. Do note that some 5.25 bays have adapters to fit 3.5 also.

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