Help with uninstalling things from windows 8.1

Hello there, Im trying to remove most of the default programs from my new windows install.
So far iv used the uninstall apps menu in the metro, and have un checked IE11 and photo viewer in the programs and features menu, but there still on the computer, and I wont to get rid of the app store all together.
There are still things like photo, and windows photo viewer on there as well as others and I cant find how to get rid of this shit.

Iv been using a mac for about a year now, the hole time missing win7, It felt really dumed down and like a un-customisable closed garden.
I finely boot up my new laptop and it feels like Im using a mac still.. :( Help.. Me..

:D Also is there anyway to change the way metro works so it will feel more like windows 7? :D

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  1. First this is not a service, you do not bump a thread just to get a response and doing so can get your thread closed / locked.
    Second, answer is NO! You just F'd up your Windows 8, and you will need to do a full restore because of the way they designed it is specifically made to be like a Andoid/iPhone 'app' based interface and working use. Now you can CLICK on Desktop and switch to desktop but NO you can't get ride of Metro, that is built into the code (be like deleting Windows itself). I would HIGHLY suggest you need to take the Window 8 walk throughs and just suck it up like everyone else has, sorry.
  2. How have I stuffed up the OS? Iv only disabled the IE11 (After installing FireFox and a few apps.
    And I apologize for the Bumping, I will not do it again.
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    Because in Windows * all these items are core files that are the basis for how it functions overall. You should even try to 'disable IE11', because the OS relies on it to generate other segments for it to work.

    I am quite famliar with how XP was and the tweaks we all did, then when Vista started this new set of code, things changed and you can't "rip it apart" anymore. While 7 was and is a hell best OS IMHO, it too still had reliances, and now with 8 as a total revamp, you really can't touch it at all else you get all sorts of serious problems (you are familiar with the TrustedInstaller account issue right?). Windows 9 and then finally WinX (10) will eliminate the OS, they already said it, there will be no 'Windows' like there is no iOS for most people using iPhones, iPads, etc. or 'Ice Cream' etc. for Android Phones, Phablets, etc., it is just a touch screen interface with everything 'on the web' and that is what Win8 is also.

    Just trying to warn you.
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