Eyefinity graphics card NONGAMING

Guys im a newbie here but i need a graphics card for a triple monitor setup
my computer has
64bit operating system
6gb ram
350 watt psu
pci express x16 ( i think my computer can only handle the 2.0 version not 3.0)
I need 2 dvi vga or dvi hdmi vga inputs
my computer model is the Hp e9250t
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  1. If you're not gaming, you can run multiple monitors without eyefinity and just extend them.

    Are you saying that one of your displays is VGA-only?
  2. one of my displays is a vga only. my current card can only run 2 monitors
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    OK. I'd probably be looking at a 6450:

    Note that that will perform hopelessly in games, but should do video and productivity stuff fine.
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