Best PSU for Gigabyte B85M-DV3 and i7 4770k CPU??

Just trying to find a rough estimate of a good PSU that ill need for this type of build. Please walk me through some good options. Thanks in advance guys.

EDIT: Im also thinking of adding a video card as well.

Also what would the measurements be like if i were to buy a PSU??? Assuming its ATX of course!

Would it fit my Gigabyte GZ-F3HEB ATX
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  1. Depends on the GPU. In a gaming build, that's the most important part.

    Also, why the unlocked CPU but non-overclockable motherboard?
  2. About that last part what does that mean lol. I'm really noob ti building pc. I just started. I'm really eager to know what unlocked and over clock means !!!
  3. Ohhh. OK can you answer my question about the measurements. Also what makes my mobo non over clock able
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    It uses a B85 chipset. On the Intel platforms, only Z-series chipsets are OCable. One way to get more money out of you.

    For a PSU, you want a decent one. The second link in my sig is a good reference.

    Generally, a single low/midrange GPU you want about 400-450W, and a higher-end one more like 550W. If you want multiple or to use a dual-GPU card, more up in the 750W range. Those are pretty rough estimates, though.
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