gaming in 720p monitor vs 1080p monitor

Is there any difference between gaming in a 720p monitor and 1080p monitor..........
I have 720p monitor is it worth for high end gaming......because my budget is low for getting a new one.........
I got a sapphire r9 280x toxic gpu......
My monitor is LG FLATRON E1942C
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    720p gaming is ridiculously fast and if you will keep your monitor, then your current pc will let you do max detail gaming for years to come.
  2. Yes there are definitely a difference between 720p and 1080p. The graphics are improved, and the edges are a lot smoother etc. Check the difference on youtube.
  3. yes.. you would notice the difference as soon as you boot to your desktop.

    your 280x deserves 1080p :)
  4. while I say your pc will be useful for longer in terms of gaming perspective, my companions are also right, 1080p gaming is becautiful! ;)
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