wierd visually lag in call of duty black ops

my pc specs are GeForce gtx 760 192 bit. cpu intel core i7 4770 3.40ghz. memory 16gb situation is I play black ops at 125 frames but the lag is noticeable but im not dropping frames I stay at constant 125 I don't know what it is. I have ask so many people they don't have this issue also I have tried to play at default and the lag is worse and I don't like sync every frame. any suggestions or answers would be really appreciated. aslo I do not drop any frames at all. I one more thing to add is that even when I run on low graphics it still lags
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    if it's a multiplayer game mode (online) then it's a network lag. check your ping against the server, or play at a server with a better ping (somewhere near your location/country)
  2. I only play zombies so single player and could It possibly be my monitor
  3. try a different (perhaps older) driver. or check for the specific game (some have issues) as they may have a fix for it. for all we know there could be solutions specific for that game
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