How long should Windows 7 startup repair take?

I've been having troubles installing Windows 7. Previously an error was preventing me from using startup repair. So I used Boot & Nuke to wipe the hard drive. When I went back to the installation page. it didn't work. I tried the Startup repair again, and it has been going for over an hour now. Is it doing anything or should I restart my computer?
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  1. More details please. Is this a new build or an existing system? Were you installing 7 on a new drive or is it a reinstall over a previous install? What are the specs of your machine? How far did the original install get? What was the error? When you went back to the install page and it didn't work what exactly happened? Was there another error message? How far did that install get? Was it Boot & Nuke that didn't work or the second install attempt? Gotta be very detailed if you want advice that's worth anything.
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