zotac nvidia geforce gtx 760 problem

Computer specs :
g1 sniper m5
i5 4670k
650w psu
gtx 760
I am having this problem since 1 month. Games are generally lagging all the time. I use to get 299 fps in cs go but these days am only getting 150-200 fps and that too not constant. Too much fluctuations. Please help me out with this issue.
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  1. enable nvidia adaptive vsynk it should reduce tha "lag".googlt it
  2. But it will reduce my fps as well. I want to keep my fps high.
  3. Any other solution ?
  4. first of all frames are not everything.if you have more frames than your screen refresh rate you will get tearing.
    a driver update or softrare update can expain your lower frames.
    having adaptive vsynk on will also make your gpu render just the right amount of frames needed so you wond be using it 100% and you will ot consume unneeded power.and will get a smother gameplay.
  5. I tried updating my drivers. Also I updated to win 7 64 bit from 32 bit. I tried updating my bio. Still problem persist.
  6. I tried adaptive vsync. It limits my fps to 60. And also its lagging alot. Any other solution ?
  7. Best answer
    your gpu is fine and your hardware.
    also dont download while playing and make shure no one is surfing the web through a mobile device.
  8. My ideal gfx temp is 55-60c and in load it goes to 85+. Is it normal ?
    at long as its under 97 c its ok.
    what exact model do you it a refrence?
  10. Yea its reference model
  11. If I could return this card to zotac and buy a another card in the same budget. Is it possible ?
  12. temps are fine
  13. Is it possible johnn ? Anyhow.
  14. of couse it is possible.gpu boost overclocks the card untill it reaches 80 and you render 200 frames per second.its a refrence card.
  15. Ohk thanks buddy for your valuable time.
  16. no for the lag its the game not the gpu so dont worry about it.
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