Is dual RAID 0 and RAID 5 on a single controller possible?

I've never done RAID before, so I don't know the specifics of how to make it work... and I just bought all the parts to build a new system only to find out that one of the controllers on my motherboard (ASUS Maximus VII Hero) apparently doesn't support RAID.

The setup I was hoping to use was as follows:

- RAID 0 on dual SSDs on the ASMedia SATA III controller (two ports)
- RAID 5 on 3x 4TB Seagate drives on the 6 port Intel controller

I'm not opposed to buying a SATA PCI-E card if needed, but I'm wondering if it's possible to have to separate RAID systems without doing so? AFAIK Software RAID is not an option for my SSDs, as I won't be able to boot Windows on a Software RAID.
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  1. Yes you can do that, but are you sure you want to? RAID 5 is good for the disks since you have some redundancy and can have a larger single storage, but RAID 0 on SSD is a bit of a waste. You're just doubling the chances of failure and data loss, unless you do regular backups.
  2. a raid 0 array on ssds would actually slow down your boot times. just get a larger ssd if you were looking to maximize the space.
    Toms Hardware did an detailed review of just this situation, have yourself a read:,3485.html
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    Yes it's possible, but I wouldn't do it.
    As popatim said, SSD's in RAID0 for your OS is not ideal.
    RAID5 with high density consumer drives isn't a replacement for a proper backup either.
    A much better setup if you want the same capacity is 1 larger SSD for your OS/Applications, 1X4TB Drive for primary storage, 1X4Tb drive for secondary(cold data) storage and/or local backup and 1X4TB External drive or NAS for backup.
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