i5-4690k with msi z97-g45 vs. i5-4670k with msi z87-g45

So im building my first custom pc and face a hard decision that due to my inexperience that i need help with. As it will be a gaming computer people told me not to get an i7 for the cpu but instead go for the i5-4690k. However this means that i need a z97 mobo. Should i go with

1). i5-4690k w/ msi z97-45 gaming (50 euro extra)
2). i5-4670k w/ msi z87-45 gaming

the first option is around 50 Euro more expensive and im not sure if this will be worth it. The pc will be used for gaming and general usage without any heavy photoshop or video editing. i plan on overclocking but once the cpu begins to get older (1-2 years)

and if i do choose the 4670k is there any chance of it slowing down, not being good enough or bottlenecking a gigabyte r9-290 which comes factory overclocked
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    The 4690K is a little bit different, but when it comes to performance it's basically almost the same as a good 4670K chip with a higher clock.
    If you don't want to overclock then this is good, since it's kinda factory overclocked already, but even if you overclock, because it's a better chip it will run cooler and hit higher Ghz numbers if you're trying to get the maximum overclock from it.

    But if you're just doing a basic overclock to 4,4Ghz like most people do, then they're probably going to be pretty even in performance when both are 4,4Ghz.

    The 4690K is also hotter at stock hence the higher clockrate, so get the 4670K if you're keeping it with a stock cooler to start with maybe, then does a 4,4ghz overclock later on. Buy the 4690K if you're not overclocking and maybe have a cpu cooler that's not a stock one or if you're planning on getting maximum performance out of it in a big overclock (~4,8Ghz).

    Hope this helps :)

    EDIT: basically this is spend the extra money if you want to throw 50 euro in more performance, it's not bad nor good i would say.
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