Does the lenovo g510 have switchable amd graphics

I'm buying a laptop for multimedia and light gaming and on the website the lenovo g510 appears to have amd switchable graphics over the hd 4600. Is this true or is it just a bad copy and paste job. Please respond thx!
Core i5 4200m
Intel hd 4600
8gb ram
Windows 8.1
Also it says this in the graphics spot on the website
Up to AMD Radeon&trade: 8570M with 2GB DDR3
Does that come with the g510 on top of the hd 4600
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    what do you mean switchable graphics? Like the gpu can be swapped out for another one? or switchable as you can choose to run the integrated 4600 or the amd gpu to save power? Either way according to the Lenovo website the G510 laptops do not come with any other gpu besides the integrated 4600.

    Maybe you are looking at an older model that comes with a second gpu if so maybe provide a link?
  2. Ok thx wish it had a discrete option like it said here's the link
  3. I know this is and old question but that's some blatant misinformation right there. I have a Lenovo Ideapad G510 that features a hybrid AMD Radeon R7 M265 GPU besides the Intel HD 4600. Bough in June, e.g. around the time of this thread. There were also older models available with another AMD GPU, I think 8750?
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