1600MHz@CL11 ram on a motherboard supporting 1066

Hi, I've just bought a RAM upgrade G.Skill 8Gb 1600@CL11 for my laptop Asus K52jr, which had 1066@CL7 memory. Which mode will it be running in? 1066@CL11? If that's the case is there anything I can do to make it faster, maybe it's possible to set the lower latency when the freq is lower? Though the bigger size, performance of the memory is a bit worse than previous. Unfortunately there was no other options available.
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    1600/11 should be able to run at 1066/9, maybe even better
  2. Oh well, I ran CPU-Z, and it showed my memory running at 7-7-7-19, 532MHz, which is good as I discovered my bios wouldn't let me adjust the timings if they were wrong. But how come Windows performance index is lower for 1600 ram than for 4 years old 1066?
  3. It's capable of 1600 but according to what you say it's running at 1066/7 which is the same your old DRAM ran at
  4. Interesting, I figured, Win32 gives the same memory higher perf. index than Win64.
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