GIGABYTE GA-970A-UD3P vs ASRock Fatal1ty 990FX Killer

Hello guys, I'm going to build a new PC and have some problems with the choice of MB.
I was wondering is ASROCK fatal1ty worth it the extra $.
The full part list is here.
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    No contest the ASRock Fatal1ty 990FX Killer is a better board , not even close , it's the BEST value on the market.

    Yes it's worth the extra.

    The Killer also has the better chipset (990).
  2. 990fx is better but if you were looking at gigabyte why not there 990fx ud3??
    and not saying that asrock is bad seeing I got 2 of them and alls good but the one thing with thr killer boards is that darn quailcom lan . boards with this item never make my to buy list due to it seems too proprietary and I need something that's well supported with most all OS .. so I prefer to stick with realtek or intel lans [opinion] ... but if you are only going to run windows it should not be an issue ,I guess
    also the thing about quailcom on things we at work nicknamed them snitch/tateltail units so do I want somebody's device that's known for that on my computer?? [opinion]
  3. I'm usually using external LAN card just for sure(electricity problems). I also want to be able to upgrade to 8 core AMD cpu after a couple years and will I be able to OC 8 core CPU on the ASRock MB?
  4. Yes absolutely.
  5. Now I saw that ASUS SABERTOOTH 990FX R2.0 has a discount in newegg. Is there a big difference between the asus and the asrock board?
  6. The Sabertooth is the best in my opinion , I own 2.
  7. my ''last'' asus was a sabertooth 990fx..
  8. One last question. The ram I was going to use is g.skill sniper 1866 but in the ASRock website in the supported memory list i can see only g.skill 1800/1600. Is this a problem?
  9. I use 1600 in both of my Sabertooth builds , you wouldn't notice a difference.
  10. I owned 3 and and glad there gone of the 3 all the hardware parts striped of of them went right on to there replacement boards and all issues gone , go figure..

    1 bad -bad luck --2 bad-damn bad luck-- 3 bad poor quality control , but if you want to learn trouble shooting than I do recommend it [sabertooth ,sunk its teeth in to my bill fold and did not want to let go] ya, asus will be hard pressed to get me back
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