Am I getting a Bottleneck effect? Or whats going on with my system?

Hi there, so Im running a fx 6300 at stock speeds aswell as a sapphire 1gb hd 7770 and I like to play games such as Dayz Mod, BF4 and such and I was wondering whether my cpu is being bottlenecked by my 7770 as im seeing frames as low as 15 in big towns? and would upgrading my graphics card increase my frames on dayz mod in particular? thanks.
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  1. The problem is not the GPU, the problem is the CPU. I have a 1090T and a GTX 680 Lightning and I have the same frames drops that you have.
  2. Hi,

    I'm thinking it's the other way around, your 7770 is bottle necking your CPU.

    You also might want to overclock you cpu a bit though for BF4.
  3. well i just checked my cpu and gpu usage and sometimes i can see that the gpu is at 99% usage but the frame drops in cities are happening when neither the cpu nor gpu are maxing out (they are both at around 50% each) any other suggestions as to what the problems might be? .
  4. Viruses? Background programs?
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