Upgrading GPU [HELP]

Hi Guys,

After I finished my first build im on plan of upgrading MY gpu. I have the GTX650ti, its a good card but some games like dota 2 or sc2 at max settins and 1080p freezes a while, just a bit. Now Im about to play Diablo 3 and I guess will happen the same. So I found a good deal with GTX760.

Will this new card solve my troubles, pretty clear is better, more core clock, 2x vram, base clock, cuda cores, 2x bits etc. In real life will I feel the difference? I dont plan to play bf4 at ultra at 70fps, but If I ever play bf4 i want to be able to play it at least at high. I only play at 1080p.

Here are my specs:

p8z77vpro asus mobo
250gb ssd evo 840 samsung
hyperx fury 2x 4gb 1600, planning to oc 1866
hdd 500gb caviar blue
core i5 3340 3.1ghz
PSU 525w cooler master xtreme (not broznce,gold,etc certified just the regular version)

Here are the specs of my gpu and the one i try to buy:

Also will I need a new PSU?, specs ask for 500w on gtx760 but I'll probably stay at limit. My mobo and proccess are low wattage
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    I would change the PSU. I always shudder when i see Cooler master xtreme *brrrr* , brings back memories of when they lied on the labels of the PSU's output. If you want an affordable PSU with good quality, this would be good:

    XFX 550W:

    The GTX 760 is around 45% faster than the GTX 650ti, so you will notice a difference, yes, even more so if overclocked.
  2. 45% should be good enough for a 300$ upgrade
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