Another CPU swap question. Mobile to Desktop

Is it possible (not practical lol) to install an AMD Turion X2 Mobile CPU into a Dell XPS 710 Desktop [ Intel Core 2 ]??
And please, FACTS, not opinions.
Thank you.
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    For multiple reasons, no.

    AMD -> Intel. Different socket
    Laptop -> desktop. Will not work.
  2. Possible? I suppose, as long as you are ok with swapping out the motherboard, CPU and memory of the desktop with the mobile counterparts and then finding a way to use a laptops power supply in a desktop. Someone wanting a huge modding project could do it but it would be challenging.
  3. FACT: no.
  4. I figured it was a long shot! lol. So OBVIOUSLY Im a PC newb. I just had some old laptops laying around. Anyway, is this dinosaur of a desktop even worth upgrading?
    Here's my delimah. ....
    I ONLY use this pc to play Custom Zombies on C.O.D. World at War. I'm a huge Nazi Zombies fan and being that they (Treyarch) hasn't made, and won't be making any new content for quite a while, Im left with playing "custom" maps on the pc version of the game.
    Keep in mind I had nothing needed to play this but the desire! lol. After doing not enough research, lol, I bought what I thought was a good deal. Paid $175 For the pc and came with k.b./mouse, monitor, fresh Windows 7 install, 2 hard drives, a 1,000 watt (dont ask) overkill psu, 6gb RAM, upgraded fan, usb 3.0 card, Geforce 7900GS GPU (dual monitor), all in a tower that's as tall and heavy as my 13yr old. Needless to say, it fails at running my game. Typical FPS and SUPER high ping problems. What I don't get, is why is it that if this old, "gaming monster" came out around the same time as the game I'm playing (old technology) and was allegedly enough to play most games enjoyably on at least medium settings, why does it fail so hard!? I don't have the extra $ to buy a new pc and not sure if it's practical or possible start upgrading this p.o.s.??
  5. Attempting to upgrade that will actually cost more, and have worse results, than simply building something new.

    The XPS 710 is from around 2006.
    What can you keep from it? The CD drive. Maybe. Mouse and keyboard, if they are not too Cheeto encrusted.

    New CPU = new motherboard = new RAM.
    Add a recent GPU to game with = new PSU
    Will all of that work with that Dell XPS case? Probably not.
    And of course you need a new OS. just built a whole new PC !
  6. nothing fundementally wrong with C2D and that setup for that old a game (as you thought). So I'd be thinking to try and understand what the problem is. It'll be faster than the turion

    What you you mean by typical FPS? what FPS. the ping problem could be a really bad network card/port (unlikely) or an ISP problem.

    We need more symptoms and details of your overall setup
  7. So I just checked and that game wasnt released until least that's the date on my PS3 and XBOX 360 game cases.

    And I meant your typical fps issues, like lag??, severe fluctuations, that sort of thing. It will be running smooth [+/- 45fps] 1 min, and just by turning and looking at a more detailed wall, or consecutive kills , ect..., it will either fall off to 20 or less, or jump up to 75-90 fps and I'm running around @ warp speed!

    As far as my ping...
    It usually averages around 125+! ...according to the game itself
    I have 30 meg broadband and I'm hard wired to the latest modem that my isp provides (I know, I know) Cisco DPC3008 wich is about 2 months old now. When I upgraded to this speed and modem a couple months ago, my lagg problems (online multiplayer) for the newer C.O.D titles went away on both consoles. I know we can't compare consoles to pc but just as a little background on my internet setup. Also, I can download a complete custom map in under a minute. I really don't feel like it's my imternet. And fyi, EVERYTHING else about the pc is great! No other complaints and everything seems to be working fine. I have all drivers up to date. Hardly anything on my hard drive(s) and Not a lot of excess fat like programs and applications that I don't use or need after I did another windows 7 reinstall.
  8. As a side note, I recently learned that this game only uses 1 core of CPU.....
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