Best graphics card for amd a10 5700 cpu?

I want to upgrade the graphics of my pc, but I'm worried that if I get an expensive, somewhat high end one that the cpu might bottleneck it. It's a quad core, three point something ghz(3.4 i believe). Someone on another post of mine said that there's no point getting a better gpu than than the gtx 750 ti, is that true? Don't worry about my psu, since I'm upgrading it anyways, but I'm just wondering if my cpu will waste a gpu's power by bottlenecking it. If it will, what's the best one that won't be bottlenecked? Thanks!
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  1. What CPU do u have? Give it's details. What is your budget?
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    A10-5700 isn't too strong for a high-end GPU, there're two options available:

    1. Go for GTX 750ti without even considering your PSU (It's TDP is just 60W, u don't need additional 6-pin PCI power conductor)

    or 2. R7-260X (if ur PSU's +12V output is more than 25A, and it has 6-pin connector) then u don't need to worry, plus R7-260X is relative cheaper than the still overpriced 750ti and they're on a tie.

    According to tomshardware's article,,3807.html, A r7-260x/750ti is best fit for Athlon X4 750K CPU, and A10-5700 is inferior since the multiplier is locked, so there's no point going over R9-270 (another option that's better than 260X, but using more energy as the TDP is 150W over 260X's 115W, prefer games needing more graphic power, 30A on +12V rail is recommended.)
  3. Actually a A10-5700 can handle a 270x/280 and the bottleneck will be as per the game u are running.
  4. Just to be sure, the gtx 750 ti will be fine for this cpu?
  5. if that's what you want to buy, buy it. it's good enough.
  6. Yes, it would handle a 750Ti perfectly and even a 270x.
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