New "high end rig" looking for stable/safe OC on GPU/CPU

Hi, I recently built my first "high end" or at least higher-end gaming computer. I am new to overclocking, as well as building computers. Its been quite a long adventure this past month, and lets just say thank God for Microcenter's return policy (which is amazing and I highly recommend them). The intent of this computer is gaming.

CPU - Intel i5-4670k @ 4.2ghz (42 multiplier, 1.2v)
CPU Cooler - Kraken X60
GPU - EVGA 780 Classified @ 1200 core clock (boost, 1.2v, +70core clock)
MB - Asus Maximus VII Hero
RAM - Corsair Vengeance 8GB DDR1600
HD - WD Blue 1TB
PSU - EVGA Supernova 2300G2

Are these safe overclocks? Or can I push any higher safely? I noticed that I cant even get to 4.3 ghz on 1.2v, and I think I even failed at 1.35 to get 4.5ghz. Think I got a bad processor in terms of luck. Used EVGA Precision X for GPU OC, and used MB Bios for CPU. If anyone sees any area of my build where I am weak also, let me know. As of now, I stresstest with Firestrike Demo.

Also, im assuming that when I get "Display driver stopped working" error when trying to push the GPU, this is "throttling?". I could not hit 1200hz on stock voltage, but once I moved it up this went away.

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  1. With a 4670K and a GTX780, you really don't need more, even at stock.
    You can only tell the difference with higher overclocks with a synthetic benchmark, not actual gameplay.
    Get what you conservatively can and be happy.
    On the 4670K, a voltage of 1.25-1.30 should be as high as you go. That is probably 4.3 for you.
    Your chip seems to be at least average.
  2. Oh alright. And I did upgrade to a 144hz monitor atm so should be capitalizing on the high frames. Asus VG248QE. I could notice a huge difference, unfortunately the TN isnt the best color panel. Also, the flicker I believe is irritating my eyes as I am getting headaches. So switching over to the BENQ XL2411Z which is PWM free, and no flicker. Also low blues. Never had this happen with a monitor before so its weird.
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