P8Z77V-DELUXE HD Audio ?

Been 15 years since I built a PC. I have a P8Z77-V Deluxe motherboard installed in an Obsidian 550D case. There is a cable from the front top of the case where USB and Headphone jack is. The socket at the end of it is labeled HD AUDIO. It has nine socket holes (5 and 4) in a small rectangular profile.

But, I see no matching pin configuration to plug it into on the P8Z77-V Deluxe board. Does this mean that, in order to use headphones with this new build, I need to buy a sound card? Or, am I missing the place where the HD AUDIO plugs in?
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    Check your manual; the connector for the HD audio is on the bottom of the board, left hand side. Just below the left edge of the bottom x16 PCI-e Slot (there's a diagram in the manual that makes it easier to find).

    EDIT: it's number 18 in this picture of the motherboard.
  2. Yep, missed that. No manual, used board. Thank you.

    Found the manual online:
  3. No worries, glad to help :) The good news is that you can get a copy of the manual from ASUS's website (here), which is very handy.
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