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Not sure how much flak I'll get for this but I want to make sure. I plan on building a new PC soon and I am 100% going with the AMD FX-8320. Can anyone tell how well I'll be able to produce with my 8320 (which will be OC'd)?
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    Afaik that will depend greatly on the software you're going to use, some are optimized for multiple cores, others for per core clock performance, you might wanna check some charts comparing an the 8320 cpu vs an Intel alternative using the software of your choice (google is your friend).
  2. Well I managed to produce a complex track on a dual-core i5 Mac Mini (mobile one at that) without any issue.
    So yeah... good to go? xD
  3. Thanks, both of you. After a bit of research, I've discovered that my CPU choice is excellent since I'll be OC'ing to 8350 speeds along with my 16GB of RAM.
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