Is random fps drops normal?

I'm just curious to know if random fps drops in games is normal. I tweaked settings in Blood Dragon so that I achieved consistent 60fps with my resolution set to 1080p. I played the entire campaign with no drop in frame rate until the very last mission. It dropped to 20fps for the duration of a battle and did not go back up until a long while after the action was over. I just wasnt expecting such a drop since the battle didn't seem that intensive. I would expect 40fps minimum with the way it ran prior.

When I play Skyrim I also have a consistent 60fps (except in towns it drops to 40-50 sometimes, but never for long), but whenever text appears on screen or the game autosaves the fps dips for just a second. I'm guessing this is what is called a microstutter, but man is it annoying.

I'm still a bit new to diagnosing a lot of these small performance hits. It's also not a huge deal. I'm really just trying to understand my situation, so I can have realistic expectations when gaming.

I'm running both games at ultra settings with AA off and vsync (if applicable) on. I think blood dragon gives an option for 1 frame or 2 frames. I've got it set to 1.

This is my system.

3570k stock speeds
8GB Ram @ 1600
GTX 760 Superclocked
600W PSU
Windows 8.1
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    In Skyrim that's normal. You may be able to get rid of it by disabling auto-saving, but it's caused by Skyrim's old engine being unable to manage resources effectively.

    Not sure about Blood Dragon. I've played FC3, and the performance seems more consistent than that.
  2. Yes FC3 blood dragon does have FPS drops on Nvidia. The game engine used is optimized more for AMD but even using AMD cards it still drops sometimes
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