Titanfall PC crashes

When I launch Titanfall it runs fine. When I go into training,campaign,or matchmaking it happens. After I find a lobby and the loading screen comes up the game crashes and I go to my desktop. I think it is my graphics card because when I take my graphics card out of my computer and use the integrated graphics on the cpu it runs completely fine (just low fps). My graphics card is a Geforce gt 8600 with 512mb of ram. Please help!
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  1. Post your build.

    Try a better graphics card.

    See -

    Put your pc specs in and see what settings you can run at.
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    GT 8600 512MB. Dude if you have an I5 the integrated graphic is better than the GT8600. As they have pointed out, you need to up your card. R9 280 or GTX 770 for enjoyable rates (55+)
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