Help with port forwarding my router?

Hey , I recently got a request from one of my good friends to make a teamspeak 3 server.We don't want to use hamachi so I understand I must port forward, but the problem is I can find any tutorials for my router on sites like I have tried following tutorials for routers with similar names and such but no luck. I have gotten a static IP though. My router is actually a Korean one because I live in Korea at the moment. The login website for my router has the single port forwarding option and the port range forwarding option (In Korean, which I understand).
Router company: Unicorn
My router model is: wb1500n

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  1. for remote software you would set up port forwarding and map the ip address of your computer to port 3389 and also open port 3389 both tcp and udp on your pc
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    If you understand the language then what seems to be the problem? When you forward ports make sure to set up a static IP address on the PC, open ports on the PC firewall also, and use that static IP for port forwarding along with the application port ranges. Let me kknow how its working out ao far.
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