Why won't my Xbox360 connect to my network???

I've tried everything. I've unlugged my router then plugged it back in. I've went to "additional settings" and then "Restore to Factory Defaults" and nothing seems to work. I've tried to do everything at least 50 times, and im getting so tired of this >_< .. I havent been on xbox for 3 day already! D: is that kinda wierd coming out of a girl's mouth? idk haha but does anyone have any suggestions?
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  1. Need a little more info. Are you connected wired or wireless? If wireless, can you run a wired connection to the router as a test? It sounds like you were connected before? If so, did anything change (new router or some such) before you lost the connection? What error messages are you getting? If it's an older Xbox 360, the wireless dongle can sometimes fall out the back.

    On the router side, do you have MAC filtering set up? Can you "see" the Xbox in your router settings?
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