Triple Monitors not working in games

I'm runnin a triple monitors setup. 1680X1050 - 1920X1080 - 1680X1050.
I'm able to get an eyefinity group and a resolution (in alot of game and on my desktop) of 5280X1050.The eyefinity works perfectly on my desktop.

The problem is in games The game is not stretching to all 3 screens. Like in Dark soul 2, I can select my resolution and move my cursor across all screens. I even see the Steam overlay on the top right corner or my far right screen and my cursor which mean my game is at the right resolution but the game seems to only be rendering in the center monitor like my 2 other monitors are black(not in sleep mode) ,it looks like I have 2 really big 1680px border O.o

Any idea ?

Thanks !
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  1. What card are you using to run all these three monitors?
  2. I'm using a 7970 running 1 DVI,1HDMI and 1 DP-DVI active adapter
  3. Could it be an aspect ratio problem since 1680X1050 is 16:10 and 1920X1080 is 16:9 ?
  4. Bump :)
  5. Games have to be programmed to accept certain resolutions and almost none are programmed to work with different sized resolutions together. You'll need to use eyefinity with the same size monitor for a good result.
  6. I tough eyefinity was supposed to set all monitor to the same resolution (using the lowest ). What if i'm able to downscale my 1920X180 to 1680X1050 (or the opposite, forcing 1920X1080 on by 16:10 monitor) ?
  7. Here's a picture of the problem:
  8. Slashice said:
    Here's a picture of the problem:

    When you enter the game, have you selected the Eyefinity sized resolution? If not, you have to. If it is not available, then the game does not support that resolution, needs a config file adjustment or hack.
  9. The problem was the game itself (dark souls 2) which is lock to a 16:9 aspect ratio.I could select my widescreen resolution but I was not working either. My problem was that I tested 2 different games (BF 4 and DS 2). Both were not working properly so I tough it was my eyefinity but after changing battlefield options out of the game by editing the user config file with my resolution. The game worked fine and after searching more for the issue, it appears that it only affect dark soul 2. So my eyefinity IS and WAS working.

    TL;DR: Its an issue where a game is lock to a certain aspect ratio
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