New RAM upgrade question.

Hey guys, im planning on upgrading my RAM since my current RAM is just well, not fitting in well with my other high end components. But any ways i have 16 GB now at 1333Mhz and i was thinking of replacing them with these:

my motherboard supports quad channel memory (ASUS P9X79le) so thats why i chose the 4x2gb setup, i just want to make sure that the new RAM will be running at, at least 1866Mhz until or if i decide to increase it. If there are better RAM kits for my setup im open to suggestions.

And if someone could give me a guide almost on how to properly change the RAM settings in the BIOS thatd be lovely.

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  2. That's a good set that would go well, higher freq won't do a lot for gaming, a few FPS, it primarily shines when you really use the rig, multi-tasking, video work, imaging, working with large data sets, etc
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